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Based in London, AIL Consultants have collected the best throughout the UK, in their respective fields when it comes to safety and security. Our award winning Managing Director has either personally worked with, been trained by, conducted training for and / or employed all persons previously within their career. We know all our staff personally prior to anyone working for AIL Consultants. 

We advertise ourselves as specialists within our disciplines - and as such our team reflects this. Not everyone can be a specialist so we only have the best.


Our team have a wealth of knowledge within our team who are continuously learning and keeping up-to-date with regulation changes throughout their field. Our consultants are retired law enforcement, fire service, private security professionals, risk managers, event safety officers, Heads of Security or compliance professionals. They know their stuff!

Our team have worked on some of the most complex projects, world renown stadiums and arenas, prestigious property developments, MOPAC estate, world class events and blue chip clients. 

Have a no obligation conversation with us. We won't pester you afterwards with those annoying sales calls and emails. We believe that our knowledge will come through from just our initial chat. 

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HSE show figures that due to accidents in the workplace, an approximately 250 employees & self-employed people are killed annually. A further 150,000 members of staff sustain major injuries or injuries that mean they are absent from work for more than three days. Over 2.3 million cases of ill health are caused or made worse by work. 

AIL Consultants will work with you to ensure that your business is able to mitigate the risk of illness and injury from occurring within your workplace as best as possible - to protect your staff, guests, visitors and your business. The cost of illness / injury is not just staff absence or fines and / or compensation - but the reputational commercial damage can at times be cannot be repaired. This is not only the potential loss of business (actual and potential), but also the ability to attract the right talent to further grow your business. Health and Safety is often underestimated by businesses, but should always be an agenda item on all SMT / Board discussions. 



Wouldn't we all do everything to stop an incident or emergency occurring if we could. Very often we can't & it is so important that our business, staff, client and operation survive them when they do come. 


AIL Consultants understand this & have worked at some of the most complex incidents. Whether it is a first aid incident, building failure / collapse, fire, service failure (water / electricity / gas), road traffic collision, natural disaster (flood, mudslide, etc) and so much more.

We have experience in all of these incidents - including the preparations, business continuity and disaster recovery aspect of it.



Our team have worked in some of the most well known stadiums & arenas in the UK as Crowd Safety Management / Safety Officers....and the following weekend volunteered as Safety Officer / Senior Steward at their local football stadium. There is no venue that our team will not work in - whether it is just writing an Event Safety Plan, Noise Management Plan, Travel Plan, Safety Briefing Documents from management to front line staff - AIL Consultants are able to provide you with the expertise you need. 

Fire Extinguisher


Fire safety management is about:

  • saving life

  • saving property

  • saving assets

  • saving reputations

AIL Consultants are able to provide a range of fire safety management services. From fire risk assessments, to fire reports, fire door inspections, fire training, fire planning, construction fire safety, waking watch management, fire plans / strategies, emergency plans, fire service liaison and so much more. 

We provide this to both commercial and residential buildings - of both a simple and complex build. With the new Fire Safety Bill, Grenfell Report and the Hackitt Report - get ahead of the time and review your fire safety management to ensure that you & your business...but most importantly your staff, guests and customers are safe. 

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Our MD started in security - so this is where the original passion lies. Whether it is providing a third party view on your current operation to provide an independent view, provide a gap analysis or give it a rubber stamp of approval!


Security is often the service which is only appreciated when it is missing...or executed badly. We work with you - it is not about creating more work for us to get - we work to best practice driven by British Standards, SIA Codes of Practice, Industry organisations as well as legislation. 

AIL Consultants are about working smart not hard security and this can only be done through the true use and integration of intelligence. Our team have access to various intelligence platforms & can integrate into your operation creating the trend analysis of your reports and focusing your security in your vulnerable areas...but at the same time not neglect the rest of the operation. 

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In every discipline we consult in, we provide training in, we believe persons who have excelled within their field and learned the industry from the bottom up 

Whilst not everyone is suited to give training, of our first class team, we have selected the ELITE from each of our specialised area of work. We will cover the necessary curriculum - but give you those insider secrets that only the experts who have worked in the industry know. 

Following the training, our staff can then support you & your staff by writing the paperwork to support the training which you have just invested in & make it applicable to your operation. We understand that it is not a one suit fits all for every company. 

Whether it is work instructions, toolbox training, SOP's, policies or high level strategies (including business continuity and disaster recovery plans) - AIL Consultants will provide that link for you from training - through to operations all driven by the strategy. 

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Confidence Guarantee

AIL Consultants was founded to be a leading company within the security, safety & compliance industry - providing assistance to businesses of all sizes.

Time after time, we have proved to be the leader in our disciplines over & over

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